Supervised Injecting Sites

Supervised Injecting Sites

R. Fortson and L. McCulloch:“Evidence and Issues Concerning Drug Consumption Rooms” (SSRN´s eLibrary (Queen Mary School of Law, University of London), May 2018)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation – and commissioned papers

Setting up a Drug Consumption Room: Legal Issues (UK) (2017) – a paper dated October 2017 that updates papers E and F for the JRF.

Supervised injection rooms: article J. Strang and R. Fortson (BMJ)

Harm reduction and the law of the United Kingdom (R. Fortson) – (Paper E) a paper commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation [May 2006].

Setting up a drug consumption room – legal issues (R. Fortson) –  (Paper F) a paper for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation [May 2006].

  • It is important to note that papers E and F were written for a report published in 2006.  Consideration needs to be given to offences which may be committed on a secondary liability basis (notably, aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring, the commission of an offence) and the three offences enacted under ss.44-46 of the Serious Crime Act 2007.   The papers have largely been assimilated and updated in the 2017 paper (above).